Deposit Products

Savings account will ease your way to save money each month, week or any period you choose Get your savings account today and start saving right away. Features: Savings account is opened in EUR, USD, TL, GBP. Flexible period condition – you can choose the term in accordance with your needs Capitalize your savings on monthly or weekly basis. Order your own savings scheme. Upon your order the funds might be deposited automatically according to the savings scheme that suits your needs.

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Choose the period of deposit suitable for you, capitalize and feel secure with us. Applying for a term deposit account you gain returns on the investments along with safety. Select the rate and term that comfort your needs. The maturities of 1 to 12 months are available at your preference. Additionally, setting up a deposit online you obtain a best offer on the interest rates our branches can provide. Please contact your personal account manager to learn more about it.

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Being flexible and responsible for our clients we offer you two types of accounts depending on your preferences. You may choose one of the options from the Fee Schedule .

The basic account opening fee is EUR 2000. No hidden fees are applied. Account opening is fast and this option perfectly designed for daily banking business.As an option you can also choose an exclusive, tailor-made private banking package with competitive fees. Please check the Fee Schedule to learn more.

The Account can be opened in multiple currencies. If your Account remains unpaid and inactive for 30-days it will be blocked, and after 90 days it will be closed automatically. You can make an EFT transfer via Euro Deniz IBU Internet Banking to any account in almost any jurisdiction (to find out more about the list of restricted countries please contact our online support). Click here for more information.

Fixed Deposit Account is an effective financial option, since it enables the customer to get a fixed interest rate at the end of the investment period. Such type of the account has higher interest rate compared to usual savings account. In return to the proposed privileges customer is obliged not to withdraw the money till the end of the investment period. A Fixed Deposit implies guaranteed returns. Unlike commercial investments where returns vacillate over the time, the returns on a Fixed Deposit are settled when you open the account. Even if interest rates fall after you open a Fixed Deposit, you will continue to receive the interest determined at the start. Fixed Deposits are considered much safer than investments in other assets like equity. You can open a Fixed Deposit Account with our bank even in case you do not have a savings account. However, you will need to complete know-your-customer (KYC) set of documents as it is a usual procedure within the framework of Euro Deniz IBU Security Policies. The minimum amount needed to open a fixed deposit account is negotiable. However, there is no limit on the maximum amount which a customer invests. In order to define the limits, please revert to your personal manager. The customer is able to negotiate the Fixed Deposit terms with the personal manager. Usually a customer invests in Fixed Deposit for the period from 3 to 10 years. The deposit tenure can be chosen at your preference. Please consult your personal manager. Fixed Deposit maturity date could be broken in case of urgent conditions. A penalty may be levied by the bank on premature withdrawals. The penalty amount is variable. Our bank proposes a range of investment periods and rates for you to find the best option to multiply your finances.