Privacy Policy

At Euro Deniz IBU in order to provide the best products and services, we only gather the information that is necessary and obligatory according the international banking security. According to the security conditions of Euro Deniz IBU, all customers’ requests are confidential. Euro Deniz IBU personnel access to customer information is regulated by Euro Deniz IBU Security Policies and is not shared with any institution and anybody other than the obligatory cases stipulated in the legislation. Euro Deniz IBU employees are obliged to maintain confidentiality at all times under the Banking Secrecy rules of TRNC. Further information can be found within the framework of Euro Deniz IBU Security Policies. The Customer shall provide Euro Deniz IBU with accurate personal details to access his/her digital information through the bank’s online platform. The accuracy of data provision is fully the customer’s responsibility. At Euro Deniz IBU we safeguard the security of customers’ information within the framework of the laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Due to its banking license and jurisdiction of incorporation Euro Deniz IBU customers’ information is not transferred to any third parties.